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Our services are designed to address your individual response to stress. Holistic recovery starts here.

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About Us

Holistic Health & Wellness

“Shift your Energy, Change your World, Enhance your Life!”

Nutrition & Wellness Consulting, Holistic Healing, Crystal Meditation, and Chef Prepared Menus & Meals

Our centre provides services in the areas of education, nutrition and stress management. We believe it is far easier to implement measures of prevention than it is to clean up the mess created in the wake of misinformation, ignorance and poor choices.

We serve those who are looking to avoid and/or heal from mental, physical and emotional imbalance. We provide services, trainings and educational opportunities to assist groups and individuals on their holistic wellness journey.

Our focus is on nutrition, education & stress management which includes Reiki, breathwork, meditation and massage. Our multitude of services help to expedite recovery from the stress of life. Our services help to improve sleep, aid digestion, boost immune function and enhance your overall health.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wellness plan

Self actualization is the desire to put your best self in the game of life!   Growth is a never-ending process, and success requires knowledgeable coaches to help navigate the events that unfold during your life journey.   It is imperative to establish connections to how we occur in the everyday and how we manifest various outcomes as we strive to realize our true potential..

(Stress is unavoidable. From babies to executives, every body experiences stress. Appearing in a multitude of forms, stress can manifest as an injury, illness or disease. Compounded, stress can be deadly. Knowing how to fuel, manage and reset the body's stress response keeps the body in balance allows for faster recovery and functioning at optimal levels.

Quality nutrition is another pillar on which we focus which ensures the body has all the components it requires to heal properly. Education equips you with the knowledge to plan accordingly and avoid pitfalls. )

Qualified Specialists

MNS consultants understand how emotional and psychological issues manifest a physical reality and have embraced the mission to educate people about the relationship between relaxation, the mind/body/spirit connection and holistic healing.

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We are located in the center of the city with free access to public transport.

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If you want to order our products and services, just give us a call, order online or schedule an appointment.

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We accept both cash and credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express), as well as paypal .