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  • Should I use oils in my skin care?
  • Why is avacado oil so effective?
  • What are the differences between occlusive and non-occlusive oils?
  • What are the benefits of the vitamins in Naturally Moore Products?

You should use what feels good on your skin.  Non-occlusive plant-based oils protect your skin by penetrating to the deepest layers.  There the lipid profiles of Naturally Moore Oils, mimic the lipid profiles in skin.  This boosts the function of your stratum corneum sealing moisture deep within your skin layers.

Avocado oil soaks through the outer epidermis, carrying nutrients deep to the dermis level.  This soft & gentle delivery system penetrates to seal moisture deep within, preventing cracked, dry skin.  Avocado Oil is a natural vitamin cocktail that can nourish the skin of babies, grandparents, and every age in between. 

Occlusive oils include those oils derived from animal proteins and chemical compounds, as well as coconut oil, cocoa butter, & wheat germ, all of which have high pore clogging potential.  Occlusive agents seal moisturize onto the skin, keeping bacteria close to the surface.  This seal prevents the natural ex-foliation, which occurs in the pores, from being pushed to the surface and washed away.

Naturally Moore uses non-occlusive plant based oils, easily applied to& absorbed by the skin.  These oils have lipid profiles which mimic human skin and have been shown to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and seborrheic eczema.  Our formulas include oils specifically identified for their vitamins, nutrients, healing properties, penetrative power and ability to naturally retain moisture deep within the skin; this makes them ideal in a healthy skin care regimen.  Use of non-occlusive oils allows the skin to regulate the elimination of bacteria and facilitate the release of toxins.  Skin can breathe and function properly to excrete toxins, regulate body temperature and provide protection.

  • Vitamin A- Naturally Keeps Skin Healthy - An essential vitamin for the growth and development of cells, Vitamin A deficiency can contribute to skin disorders which cause a dry, flaky complexion.  Applying Vitamin A topically has shown beneficial results to those wishing to control acne, find relief from psoriasis, and wanting to prevent wrinkles and decrease lines.  Vitamin A also promotes healthy eyes, skin & bones.
  • Vitamin D- Naturally Protect the Skin - The skin protection offered by Vitamin D & Vitamin E neutralize free radicals found in our environment.  These vitamins are vital in protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, chemicals, and other elements in our environment that produce cell damaging free radicals.  Vitamin D & E offer natural protection from the early stages of UV light and can increase the effectiveness of sunscreens.  In order to minimize the damage done by ultra- violet light, these vitamins need to be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure, which allows the epidermis time to absorb the protective nutrients.   Vitamin D & E have also been credited with minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The main benefit of Vitamin D  for the skin is in UV Protection and treating psoriasis.
  • Vitamin K- Naturally Improves Skin - Topical application of Vitamin K improves the healing and appearance of scars & under-eye circles, helps heal bruises, correct spider veins, and other vascular skin imperfections.  The anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin K make it beneficial for topical application.